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How Will We Stop Republican Election Stealing In 2020?

All good liars know how to cover their actions by accusing others of what they themselves are doing.  For example, a spouse who is cheating covers with constant displays of jealousy and accusations of his or her spouse cheating. It’s … Continue reading

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The Real Reason For Republican Voter ID Laws


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Iowa GOP Continues Post Election Voter Harassment Efforts

No doubt about it, Governor Branstad has earned the prize of  Turkey of the Year.  A true GOP warrior, he has done everything on the national party’s agenda but in our view there is nothing worse than his ludicrous witch … Continue reading

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Voting Machine Industry Does It For Love

Challenging the market power of one voting machine maker By Sean Flaherty I am co-chairman of Iowans for Voting Integrity, a nonpartisan citizen group that works for voting systems worthy of the public trust. We have worked for six years … Continue reading

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