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Random Audits To Performed In Iowa Election Day

 For those of us who have grave suspicions about the integrity of our election system since the Help America Vote Act (what a name) was passed and electronic voting became widespread we have some good news today. In Iowa a … Continue reading

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America Needs Paper Ballots To Ensure Safe Elections

Verified Voting is working hard to safeguard America’s elections.  Follow their work on Twitter @VerifiedVoting or on Facebook to catch more news about Verified Voting. Verified Voting made headlines this week, weighing in on federal legislation (like the Secure Elections … Continue reading

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Computer Scientist Barbara Simons Proves How Easy It Is To Hack Elections—And How It Can Be Stopped

Editor’s note: I stumbled on this diary on dailykos.com the other day. Dailykos has a policy of allowing full reprints of their articles provided they are given full acknowledgment. This diary is a good summation of the horrible mess that … Continue reading

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Voting Machine Industry Does It For Love

Challenging the market power of one voting machine maker By Sean Flaherty I am co-chairman of Iowans for Voting Integrity, a nonpartisan citizen group that works for voting systems worthy of the public trust. We have worked for six years … Continue reading

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Broken Ballots: Too Much Technology Applied Too Fast

It’s time to read this. It’s time to talk about it.  Our elections are at risk due to the use of unauditable technology. The Koch Brothers and the Republicans would rather have us believe that elections are somehow being compromised … Continue reading

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