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Live Interview with Ari Berman on Wisconsin Voter Suppression in 2016 Election

Iowa native Ari Berman took a trip to Wisconsin to study the impact of Wisconsin’s voter ID law on the 2016 election and had this to report: “Tens of thousands of people were prevented from voting because of voter ID … Continue reading

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Voter ID: Because Republicans Can Only Win By Using Voter Suppression

In light of the vote suppression law (aka voter ID), pushed by Republicans in the Iowa legislature, this is important. Republicans do not want you to vote. They want low turnout. They know Democrats win when there is high turnout. … Continue reading

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The Real Reason For Republican Voter ID Laws


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Suppressing the Vote: New Voter ID Laws

by Ralph Scharnau The great majority of the amendments to the Constitution either assures the recognition of individual rights or extends the franchise.  But we are now in an ugly season of intolerance against workers’ rights, women’s rights, and the … Continue reading

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