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Thank You, Congressmember Loebsack

A ‘Thank You’ goes out to Congress member Dave Loebsack. The first is his decision not to attend the speech given by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Netanyahu was brought to this country in the wrong way in order to … Continue reading

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TPP – Still Secret And Still Coming

When the Tea Party took over the US congress last election, their immediate hit lis was short: Kill Dodd-Frank Install the Keystone pipeline Screw up Social Security and Medicare keep up their Don Quixote attacks to kill the ACA fast … Continue reading

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What Can We Expect?

Robert Reich posted this on Facebook Wednesday: I’m less worried Republicans will roll back the Affordable Care Act or reduce taxes on the wealthy over the next two years – the President’s veto pen will prevent that – than I … Continue reading

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Weekend Hash – Where Was Rand Paul?

Rand Paul ran away from more than the fierce and scary Dreamer(not) in Storm Lake. Mr. Paul also took a pass from Bob Vander Plaats’ hate fest in Ames last weekend. Well, by golly, if you don’t hate the right … Continue reading

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Trans Pacific Partnership Teach-In To Be Held In Ames

Happy Monday from BFIA!  Before you do anything, please read everything Dave posted over the weekend, especially Thank You, Obamacare! and What Would The Greatest Generation Do?   And don’t miss Dave’s Sunday Funday Quiz – Holy Daylight Edition.  Click on … Continue reading

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TPP – Not A Good Deal

A few weeks back I received an email that reported that a group of Iowa legislators were looking for some guidance on what was in the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership). The reason is very logical – if the US joins in … Continue reading

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TPP And Other Thoughts

I haven’t done a hodge-podge column for a while. Mostly because I turned my brain off over the holidays. My first comment is that I find it so hard to believe how mean, how brutal, how anti-people the Republican party … Continue reading

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While We Enjoy The Holidays America’s Monied Class Is Stealing Us Blind

While we enjoy the holidays, have friends in and eat good food and drink good drink, America’s right wing and monied classes have been either stealing us blind or setting up the mechanisms to steal us blind. Merry Christmas. First … Continue reading

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