Thank You, Congressmember Loebsack

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A ‘Thank You’ goes out to Congress member Dave Loebsack.

The first is his decision not to attend the speech given by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Netanyahu was brought to this country in the wrong way in order to interfere with our foreign policy. Mr. Loebsack was one of the few to stand up and say that this was wrong. Loebsack was right to not attend.

No doubt this incident will be thrown in his face come election time. When it is ask yourself this – Was it wrong for a foreign head of state to be invited against the desires of the administration to directly lobby congress for a potential war? The answer should be obvious to anyone.Yes, it was wrong. Therefore Loebsack deserves our thanks for standing up in opposition.

The second is for his membership in the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC). The CPC released an alternative to the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). The TPP as many of you know is a trade agreement written by corporations, for corporations. While most of it has been kept as secret as possible there has been some leaking. What we have learned from the leaks is that the TPP will be disastrous for workers especially in America. We also know that the TPP may well undermine American laws.

The CPC issued an alternative to the TPP Thursday that takes the negotiations back from corporations and puts it back into the hands of elected representatives. This is simply the right thing to do. Hopefully Mr. Loebsack will back the CPC and support their alternative to the Trans Pacific Partnership.

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