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45: The Best Recruiter His Opponents Ever Had

Listening to the radio Thursday a radio host threw out a question to a guest: How long before Jeff Sessions puts the weight of the Justice Department behind enforcing federal marijuana law? The guest mused that they had to destroy … Continue reading

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Grassley Like A Broken Clock: He Doesn’t Work

Went to an event Thursday for one of Grassley’s opponents, Rob Hogg. During the question and answer period one of the audience brought up that Grassley as chair of the Judiciary Committee has been sitting on a bill called the … Continue reading

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Kitchen Table Issues And The Iowa Legislature

A quite disappointing session by most any standards. The legislature did little to give Iowa’s middle class and poor hope that there would be any help coming their way. Republicans in the legislature were able to keep some of the … Continue reading

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It’s April 16th. Has A Medical Marijuana Bill Passed Yet?

Two weeks ago I was treated to a short presentation by Shelly Van Winkle at the legislative forum in Muscatine. Ms. Van Winkle (is there any title that indicates that a person is an RN?) is a registered nurse and … Continue reading

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Legislative Forums: Republicans Misdirect, Obfuscate

Not many folks take advantage of the legislative forums that are held throughout the state during the legislative session. Usually these are held on Saturdays in cities and towns around the state. Members of the legislature for the area come … Continue reading

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Will The Legislature Let Medical Marijuana Happen This Year?

Two years ago, Iowa seemingly became the latest in a string of states to allow marijuana to be used in limited medical situations. In Iowa, the situations were centered around epilepsy. All agreed this was very necessary and very good … Continue reading

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Study: Cannabis can help treat bone fractures

One of the real mysteries to many Americans is how our country can turn a blind eye to a plant that has been shown that it could help solve some major problems from agriculture to construction to medicine. The ban … Continue reading

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Statehouse News, School Funding Crisis Continues‏

Ed. note: This week’s newsletter comes from the desk of Representative Kirsten Running-Marquard and the staff for Democratic members of the Iowa House. Although today is the “official” last day of Session, our work is not yet complete. Session is … Continue reading

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Bolkcom Shames Shameless Iowa GOP House Leadership has “moral obligation” to allow vote on medical cannabis Prepared remarks by Senator Joe Bolkcom given during floor debate today I heard today that the Iowa House won’t be back at the statehouse, ready to debate until … Continue reading

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Summary: A Safe And Secure Iowa Medical Cannabis Program SSB 1243: A safe and secure Iowa medical cannabis program Why? A responsible, compassionate response to suffering: Establishing an Iowa medical cannabis program is the most responsible, compassionate alternative to continuing to tell Iowans to either (1) suffer in … Continue reading

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