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Let’s Send Obama Some Help!

Some of you may remember an approaching election day six years ago. Most Americans were in some state of trauma from an economic meltdown that only an elite group of global players had anything to do with. But on the … Continue reading

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Appel Leading Tea Party Opponent

Staci Appel has been out fund-raising and out-polling her tea party opponent David Young. “The support we’ve received has been humbling and ensures we’ll have the resources to continue talking to voters about keeping the promise of retirement security, investing … Continue reading

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Staci Appel Should Be Iowa’s First Mom In Congress

Her tea party Republican opponent David Young  said that he would like to see the Department of Education  “done away with.”  Volunteer for Staci Appel’s campaign here.

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Iowa Early Vote Kickoff Events Today

More and more Iowans are voting early every election because it is the simplest and easiest way to make your voice heard. Iowans can vote early in person from September 25 to November 3, or they can vote by mail … Continue reading

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Medicare Still Working

I am here to report that Medicare is still in full fettle. This month I joined up. What a feeling. I feel like I have just moved into a grand home with few worries. No more wondering if the landlord … Continue reading

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McConnell: We’ll Shut Down Government

Mitch has an itch. His itch is to be leader of the senate once again so he can force President Obama into a bad choice for America of signing bills that would disrupt policy or if not, shut down the … Continue reading

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“We Are Willing To Fight For It!”

Ladies and Gentlemen, Senator Elizabeth Warren at Netroots Nation last Saturday: If Reublicans take control of the senate, our country will once more be stopped from moving forward. Worse yet we will most likely go through two years of money … Continue reading

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Dems: Middle Class Jumpstart!

Led by Rep. John Yarmuth of Kentucky, US House Democrats unveiled a plan this week for a 100 day Jumpstart for the Middle Class. Speaking to WFPL radio in Louisville, Yarmuth spelled out parts of the plan: “This Congress has … Continue reading

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Parades – Appel For Iowa Wins Messaging

BFIA likes Staci Appel, and we follow and support her, hoping she will be the one to break Iowa’s glass ceiling in the U.S. Congress. The two tweets above appeared as this single screen shot on the author’s twitter home … Continue reading

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Staci Appel For Iowa

After Republicans nominated an opponent to challenge Staci Appel in Iowa’s Third Congressional District, the media has been a-twitter. Now that the surprise, shock and excitement is over, isn’t it time we talked about Appel? Brief Bio Born and raised … Continue reading

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