More Branstad, More Legal Problems

reigning Turkey of the Year

reigning Turkey of the Year

Remember Jack Hatch running for governor making the case that the Branstad administration was deeply corrupt? At that time we only had inklings of what should be the basis of hearings to come. Whole lots of shenanigans in the firing of employees and secret payoff to those employees.

Remember that Branstad was able to delay his deposition in the case of Chris Godfrey due to Branstad’s participation in an election. That passed and Branstad was deposed shortly before Thanksgiving. Because of the timing with the media was so engrossed in covering ”Black Friday” stories that scant attention was paid to much else.

Besides the deposition itself, what is of interest to folks like me and I hope you is that – well – here we go. Our Governor will be running up a slew of legal bills. Guess who is going to pay them? Hint – it will not be Branstad.

Branstad is part of a growing list of governors and former governors who are under suspicion of corruption or have been indicted. This list includes such luminaries as McDonnell of Virginia, Perry of Texas and of course Chris Christie of New Jersey. Christie is under suspicion not only for the bridge being shut down, but even more so for mishandling of federal funds. This is not a good group of names to be associated with.

The point here is that Iowa re-elected a governor who if he did not break the law surely bent it. So now we will spend another four years mired in potential political scandal. While Branstad was elected by a goodly majority of Iowans who voted, he was also elected by a goodly number of Iowans that didn’t vote and tacitly approved of not only his shenanigans, but also his attempts to cut medicaid for the poor, his line item vetoes of money for food banks when the need was greatest and a long list of other tea bagger policies.

And we get an increasing legal bill to defend his chicanery.

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  1. Hugo S LaVia says:

    Iowa re-elected a Governor who previously ran on a five-year plan for a four-year job.

    Iowa re-elected a Governor who shakes, looks lethargic and clings to podiums.

    Iowa re-elected a Governor who has a Lt Gov whose job it appears to be standing behind the governor, but will soon (?) BE governor when it’s announced T.B. has Parkinson’s, or dementia, or whatever it is he has.

    Iowa re-elected a Governor who’s never met a fast tax hike he didn’t like.


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