Iowa Needs Hatch And Vernon

Jack Hatch and Monica Vernon

Jack Hatch and Monica Vernon

It is easy to write a screed against Terry Branstad. He has been around a long time. As governor he has hardly been stellar and his current term has seen him move from right wing to tea party extremist. During this term he has done many things that most Iowans would be shocked by. Branstad has gone against true Iowa values by doing things like using his line item veto to cut off food for the poor. His administration tried its hardest to deny health care for the poor under the ACA. Thus he was in the forefront of the Republican obstruction of the expansion of health care. And what can we say about the scandals that rock this administration with revelations every week? Remember one thing – it is your money that is being wasted with his shenanigans.

But why should we elect Jack Hatch? How will he be better? Well to start with we will be treated to a more open and transparent government under Jack Hatch. Government secrecy can’t get much worse than it currently is. Hatch believes and practices open government. The founders of this country expected the affairs of state to be conducted in the open. That alone would be a refreshing change for Iowa.

This is a great start, but on what specific issues would we be better off with Jack Hatch? Let’s start with Iowa’s once heralded education system. Under Branstad our standards have fallen and the best teachers are being moved out of the classroom. Hatch has plans to reinvigorate our education system. This at a time when we are facing some of the biggest challenges ever. Hatch and Vernon are also looking for solutions to the massive debt that is now incurred by Iowa’s college students. In their own words:

“My goal is to make Iowa’s colleges affordable again. Let’s cut college debt significantly with flexible, affordable options including an accelerated BA degree. Let’s keep the doors open so students who want to work for a college degree can still afford it.”

Jack Hatch has been a leader in the area of health care in Iowa. Rather than trying to screw Iowans out of health care, Hatch and Vernon will be looking for ways to include all Iowans in the health care system. Don’t forget that when some of us can’t access the health care system, that puts us all at risk:

“Perhaps the most important step we can take is the creation of a new, integrated, patient-centered health care delivery system that combines Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance into an integrated provider payment system within the current private market. This will include integrating mental health into our current primary health system; ensuring rural Iowa participates fully in access to health care (which is currently not happening), and that consumers have full access to their medical records while maintaining full and complete choice in how their health care is received and managed.”

Possibly the biggest failure of the Branstad is jobs. Branstad brags about jobs he has created, but a quick look at any independent chart shows that Iowa has fallen short of not only the lofty goals Branstad promised, but the country as a whole and what Iowa needs to keep up with growth. Once more Hatch and Vernon will address jobs not with the ideological bent of Branstad, but with some practical real world ideas.

“My goal is reversing our state’s slide towards an economy with more low wage jobs and fewer middle class jobs. We can start by increasing the minimum wage. Let’s develop our economy from the community level up in our city neighborhoods and our small towns instead of the top-down, whether its for business, culture, tourism or infrastructure.

My goal is growing more thriving small businesses in Iowa and many fewer, much smaller tax handouts to corporate giants outside of Iowa. My goal is to invest in our Iowa entrepreneurs and grow the next generation of high-tech businesses right here.”

These are just a few of the areas where we will see dramatic positive change from the Branstad administration. Please go to to the Hatch – Vernon website to learn much more.

There is one other very major difference between the two candidates. That is in their choice of running mates. Monica Vernon could step in and do a bang up job as governor today. She has experience at a lower level and in business leading. Vernon is competent and savvy. Choosing Monica Vernon as a running mate immediately showed that Jack Hatch has concern about making sure that leadership doesn’t fail in his absence.

We can’t say that about Terry Branstad’s choice of Kim Reynolds. She was a political choice from the get-go. Her purpose was to assuage the tea party element that has grown so strong in Iowa’s Republican Party. Her experience is meager and her on-the-job training has been scant. With Branstad’s apparently failing health and rumors that he plans to resign and turn the state over to Reynolds in his next term should scare most Iowans. Iowans do not need to be part of a right wing experiment on ideological government. One need only look at Kansas to see how well that works.

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