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House district 91 candidate John Dabeet poses with Lt. Governor candidate Monica Vernon in Muscatine Saturday

House district 91 candidate John Dabeet poses with Lt. Governor candidate Monica Vernon in Muscatine Saturday

At the meeting in Muscatine where we met Jack Hatch, Mr. Hatch said that he was really torn the night Monica Vernon lost her primary race for first district representative. While Mrs. Vernon lost, it did leave her available to entertain other offers. Jack Hatch went right up to Cedar Rapids with another offer – run with him as his Lieutenant Governor candidate on the Democratic ticket.

Fortunately for him and for Iowans, Monica Vernon said yes. Saturday afternoon my wife and I had a chance to be in attendance at an event for Monica Vernon in Muscatine. We both could easily see why Hatch wanted her on his team.

From the moment she entered the Democratic offices in Muscatine you could tell that she felt among friends. She gave a short off the cuff speech with the gubernatorial debate as the subject. Mrs. Vernon noted that Hatch was the person with the new ideas that can move Iowa forward after 4 years of sitting still under Branstad. Those who have not seen the debate can watch it online here.

We then went into a question and answer period. It was quite apparent that this is a person with high intelligence, a very quick mind and a vast storehouse of experience from being a mother to running a very successful small business to her recent stint as a city councilor in Cedar Rapids. She also exhibited an empathy for the citizen that is rare plus for a politician. I noted to myself that this is in sharp contrast to Branstad who almost cavalierly mocked disaster aid for cities, especially Cedar Rapids, in the debate Thursday.

Monica Vernon also exhibited confidence that she and Jack Hatch had the right programs to get so many things that are crumbling in Iowa back in good shape from education to water and air quality to getting good jobs in Iowa. Her manner of speaking was as if she were talking with old friends at a backyard bar-b-que.

Monica Vernon is ready for prime time. She is confident, competent, knowlegable, experienced and a natural leader. If you do not want Iowa to continue slogging along with less than mediocre results it is time to elect a team that is ready to move Iowa forward. Jack Hatch and Monica Vernon will work with local and regional resources to put Iowa back at the top. Looking at their opponents you certainly can’t come to the same conclusion.

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