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Medicare For All: A Little Heard Argument

M4A, as it is often abbreviated, is a quite misleading name for what is essentially universal health care. Medicare as it is presently run still has a lot of holes in it. If you are on Medicare Advantage the holes … Continue reading

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John Oliver: Give Medicare For All A Chance

With the decline of newspapers in America, we still have some good reporters out there, including John Oliver who can be a journalist and comedian simultaneously. We Americans require learning to be fun, so check out this entertaining and informative … Continue reading

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The New Medicare For All Bill

The Thom Hartmann Program Medicare for All has been modernized to include dental and vision but the new Bill is a little different from the famous John Conyers bill introduced nearly twenty years ago. Congressman Mark Pocan explains how the … Continue reading

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Senator Elizabeth Warren On Iowa Press


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The Gold Standard: The Medicare For All Act Of 2019

Got to thank Iowa Citizens for Community Involvement (ICCI) for this bit of good news I found in my inbox Wednesday evening: I’m excited to be in Washington D.C. today celebrating Rep. Pramila Jayapal’s announcement of The Medicare for All … Continue reading

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“Medicare For All” Could Save Trillions

54 minutes – great analysis Have I ever mentioned that if you watch or listen to mainstream media you miss a lot or are easily misinformed on reality? Yep it happens quite often. That may account for much of America … Continue reading

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Medicare For All Vs. Medicare Advantage

Thom Hartmann talks with Alex Lawson, Executive Director of Social Security Works, about Medicare Advantage programs.  He discusses why we need to move to Medicare for all and beef up coverage to include vision, dental and hearing instead of using … Continue reading

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Glasson: Everybody In Nobody Out

If elected Governor, Cathy Glasson plans to work to pass a universal, single-payer health care plan to cover every Iowan, including mental health and reproductive health care. Check out her campaign website here.  Follow her on Facebook and Twitter

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Time For Dems To Push “Medicare For All”

The defeat of the Republicans latest attempt to take health care away from millions Friday morning set the stage for Democrats to come forward with with a bold plan that will cover all Americans at a much lower rate than … Continue reading

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