Iowans March On Terrace Hill To Protest Branstad Agenda

Iowans March On Terrace Hill To Protest Branstad Agenda

Accusing Branstad of “reverse Robin Hood policies, stealing from the poor to give to the rich,”  Iowa CCI members, union activists and regular people protested governor Branstad's pro-corporate, anti-people agenda Saturday. On July 16, 2011, over 500 people braved 100 degree heat to demand that the governor put people before profits, polluters, and politics.

Appealing directly to Branstad with the help of a megaphone, marchers called out and chanted,

“where are the jobs?”
“put people back to work”
“this is what democracy looks like”
“we're gonna get our feet out in the street”
“stand up for the people of Iowa”
“put people first”

“Branstad wants to dismantle the people's government and replace it with a corporate government. He wants to deregulate corporations, privatize and cut public services. He wants corporate greed to come before the common good,” Lori Nelson, of Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement, said.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Gee whiz! Where you people during his first debacle as governor? What he promoting now should be no surprise whatsoever.


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