Opposition Vows Oil Will Never Flow Through Bakken Pipeline

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The Iowa Utilities Board (IUB) met yesterday and voted 2-1 to allow pipeline construction to start in areas where they have voluntary easements.

Iowans have stood strong working to prevent the pipeline for months on end and we’re not going anywhere.

This pipeline fight is still far from over. Dakota Access can start construction of segments, but oil will never flow through this pipeline:

Dakota Access doesn’t have their Army Corps of Engineers’ authorizations yet for 64 water crossings.

Dakota Access had their Department of Natural Resources (DNR) sovereign lands permit revoked after Native Burial grounds were found in the pipeline’ s path.

Over a hundred of you gathered for the Broken Heartland rally right after the decision to demonstrate exactly the type of energy we need. Thank you!

Here is what we’re doing next, and we need you with us:

Landowners and activists who are willing to consider non-violent civil disobedience are being asked to step forward. Let us know you’re interested by replying to this email.

Keep the summer of resistance going by joining the Bakken Pipeline Resistance Coalition’s flotilla on the Des Moines River on Saturday, June 25! Click here for more information.

Stay tuned for more details on our next steps!

For a better Iowa,

State Policy Director

P.S. Check out all the news coverage of yesterday here!

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