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Alternative Media: The Al Franken Podcast

A really fun listen.  Enjoy.

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Filibuster Reform Long Overdue

A word from Senator Tom Harkin on filibuster rule change last week. In 1995, with my party in the minority, I stood up and said we needed to get rid of the filibuster. Finally — 18 years later — we … Continue reading

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Whoa! Harry Reid Might Go Nuclear

Hate Senate Republicans’ reckless use of the filibuster? Time to do something about it. Next Tuesday — five days from today — the Senate will vote on seven Obama appointees the Republicans have blocked, including Richard Cordray as head of … Continue reading

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America Needs A New Story

A story posted on alternet the other day got me to thinking: it really is time for the new American narrative to be told. The old one where people work together and compromise for the better of the whole country … Continue reading

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