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Joni, Chuck And Their Anti-Iowa Trifecta

Slightly over 60 days in office for one of our senators, a bit under half a century for our other senator. But there doesn’t seem to be a lick of sense between them at the moment. Joni was never elected … Continue reading

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Boehner, SCOTUS and the ACA

My apologies if this is similar to yesterday’s post. The potential destruction of the ACA by an unelected body is an issue of monumental consequence. There is about a month before the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) will be hearing arguments concerning … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts Before A Holiday

* The President takes as bold of an action as he possibly can and the Speaker of the House claims this ends any co-operation that was going to happen between congress and the President. Maybe Boehner missed it, but there … Continue reading

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Questions For Candidates In 2014

As we pass Independence Day and inch closer to the heavy political season (it never stops anymore) we need to get ready for the real job of a democracy. The past two years in particular have resulted in gridlock caused … Continue reading

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Weekend Hodgepodge

Congratulations to Congressman Dave Loebsack on being named the ranking member on the House Education and Workforce Subcommittee on early Childhood, Elementary and Secondary Education. Maybe not a flashy position, but one where he can have an effect on Iowans … Continue reading

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John Boehner, Meet Benedict Arnold

The British could not do it, nor the rebel Confederate states. The Spanish, Germans, Germans again nor Al Quieda could do it. But John Boehner and his band of merry cowards are just a couple weeks away from totally shutting … Continue reading

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