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2026_curious-catFrontline: The Untouchables
Just in case you missed the PBS Frontline broadcast of “The Untouchables” on why no one from Wall Street has been prosecuted for bringing the US to the brink of depression. Prepare to be outraged. Watch it here

Rigging Elections:
I wrote on the many ways Republicans have  attempted to steal elections. let’s be honest, Rachel Maddow does a much better job than I ever will. Prepare once more to be outraged.

Thanks, Senator Harkin.
Senator Harkin has been working hard to reform the filibuster process in the senate since the early 1990s. We had a great chance to finally change the rules and stop the Republican obstruction. But at the last minute Harry Reid bailed out. No doubt this will once more hamstring the Obama Administration. What a shame.

Update: Well I don’t know if this is the straw that broke the camel’s back, but we hate to see you go Tom. Thank you for the decades of service especially to the poor and middle class. We hope your talents do not go to waste and you continue to serve somewhere. Oh, and please don’t grab the bucks and become a corporate lobbyist.

Beer: Not For Breakfast Anymore:
No doubt most of you heard that until Jan. 1 of this year, beer was not listed as an alcoholic beverage in Russia. That changed as Russia tries to rein in their national alcohol problem. If you have ever seen some of the videos of car crashes in Russia, I am sure you would think most drivers have some kind of help.

Almost A Great Week To Be A Dem
A great inauguration (John Roberts didn’t mess up the words), a great speech by one of the best ever, a great ass kicking by one of the best secretaries of state ever and and a great appearance at the senate hearing by her successor. Just another 36 hours and we could have ended with one great weeks in Democratic Party history. Then Harry Reid put an end to the great high many of us experienced, reminding us that some Democrats just seem to be able to be bullied. Thank goodness Nancy Pelosi is the House leader. She often seems to be the only one who can stand up to the bullies.

Great Question:

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