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Argentina And China Make Deal On Soymeal

It seems like every week farmers suffer another kick in the ass as an outgrowth of the current president’s ill advised and poorly conceived trade war with China. This week brought the news that China and Argentina agreed to a … Continue reading

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Trumps Tariffs, Iowa Farmers And The Amazon Rain Forest Fires

Elections really do have consequences! Do you think any of this would have happened had Hillary Clinton, the highest vote getter, become president? Ohio farmer Christopher Gibbs discusses the effects of Trump trade policies on the Chris Hayes Show of … Continue reading

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Branstad Should Feel At Home In China

Much of what he’s worked for is already in place in China. Unions have no power and are only there as a show to the outside world that yes, China has unions. Wages are low, hours long, workplace safety at … Continue reading

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Supporting Racism, Misogyny, Hate Pays Off

Remember when you were young and your parents tried to teach you right from wrong? Remember how your parents taught you that if you ran around with people who lied and cheated and hated you were no better than those … Continue reading

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