Sick Of The Murders Of Children? Do Something!

Rep Jamaal Bowman calls out Republicans as cowards (2 minutes):

 Do you remember a little over a month ago when far right Republicans were displaying pins depicting assault weapons as if they are some kind of fun toy? I do not know if these far right Republicans are still wearing these pins. Really they don’t have to. The whole party in congress and in our legislature is a subsidiary of the National Rifle Association.

See what money in politics buys? It buys cowardice in confronting a horrible situation. Other major countries such as Australia and Great Britain have faced up to gun violence and banned assault weapons. The US could, but the NRA has bought a solid front of cowards to stop any action in this country.

Today is the 91st day of the year. We have had over 130 mass shootings in this country already this year. Most of these mass shootings don’t even make the news anymore because murder has become so common place, so normalized. Mass shootings only make the news when it is somehow special such as a school shooting. 

Let’s be honest. There is only one group in the world that is in favor the totally unlimited access to guns and that is the far right wing Republican Party in the US. Why? Because it is a money maker for them. The more they ignore the incredible damage that guns do to the citizens of the US the more they are rewarded by the NRA. This is what money in politics ultimately is. Dead children and spineless lawmakers.

So don’t say that the extremist Republicans are doing nothing. They are doing something – something big. They are standing in the way of sensible gun laws, including outlawing weapons of war in the hands of civilians. And they are doing so to make money for the NRA who in turn reward them massively.

Please call your representative . In Iowa all our representatives are extremist Republicans. Feenstra, Hinson, Nunn, Miller-Meeks, Grassley and Ernst. Tell them it is long past time for the United States to allow this carnage to continue. Tell them it is time to get a backbone and vote for sensible gun laws.

Here are their web pages. Choose a way to contact them. Tell them the murder of children in this country must end and if they won’t stand up you will find somebody who will.

Randy Feenstra:

Zach Nunn:

Ashley Hinson:

Marianette Miller-Meeks:

Chuck Grassley: 

Jonie Ernst:

If the phone number is not on the front contact page, click on the “office” button to get their office numbers.

Remember be polite, but be sure to leave the message that cowardice in the face of our gun violence crisis is no longer acceptable.

Also remember that gun violence is the number one (#1) killer of children in the US today. We need you to stand up.

One final thought: Thoughts and prayers do nothing. Any politician offering those as an answer deserves to be voted out of office.

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