Now We Are What They Said We Were

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Those of us who have lived in Iowa all or most of their lives know that Iowa has been the butt of many comments on how the state is backward, the populous dumb and way out of step with modern life. Those of us who lived here knew that Iowa was a very modern state with some pretty smart cookies among the populous.

Iowa didn’t brag about the jewels within its borders. We just performed and ignored the insults.

Sadly, it looks like this governor and her lackey legislature has decided that it is their mission to make what was once an insult become a truth about the state. In steps that seem designed to make the barbs and insults true this year’s legislature has gone about taking the state back decades and destroying the public commons.

Book banning, trans gender hate, attempts to ban abortion, dismantling public schools, allowing people to consume dangerous raw milk, and now bringing back child labor – the legislature has made sure that Iowa is now what the critics always said we were.

The last one – child labor – sticks out as extra odious in a pile of quite odious laws and bills. But then, the legislature is hell bent on destroying Iowa’s once vaunted public schools, so maybe kids will be better off taking a job at age 14 or so. You can learn a lot of wisdom while shaking cocktails for inebriated adults.

As noted in a video posted by Trish Nelson on here Wednesday, one of the reasons for weakening child labor laws is to make up for a labor shortage in this state. This is a really terrible response to this issue.

The following is a press release of AFSCME:


For Immediate Release

April 18, 2023


Melissa Speed, Political Director

(515) 246-1517 ext#605

 AFSCME Council 61: Child Labor Bill A Parents Worst Nightmare

Legislation stripping away child labor safety standards passes,

Senate despite two Republicans joining every Democrat in opposition


Des Moines, Iowa — AFSCME Council 61, Political Director Melissa Speed issued the following statement after the Iowa Senate passed Senate File 542 despite bipartisan opposition:

“Every Iowan values hard work. And every parent wants their children to have the best possible chance to succeed. But the dangerous child labor bill passed early this morning, before a lot of people were even awake, by the Iowa Senate is every parent’s worst nightmare. 

“It’s no surprise that two Republicans joined every Democratic Senator in opposition to rolling back child labor safety regulations. Kids don’t want it. Parents don’t want it. Most Iowans don’t want it. But when campaign donors dangle cash for certain Senators, they can’t seem to help themselves. Sadly, it seems even our kids’ safety is indeed for sale. 

“In addition to the cruel nature of this proposal, it’s disturbing how the Republican majority has repeatedly tried to keep information from the public. As discussion began last night, the bill’s floor manager refused to answer even basic questions about the bill. How are legislators and Iowans supposed to engage in the democratic process if they don’t have all the information they need?

“The truth is that supporters of this bill don’t want information to be shared.  They know putting kids to work in dangerous situations only benefits their campaign donors. Not Iowans who already know the value of a hard day’s work. And certainly not parents who already worry about their kids’ future. Help with the rising cost of childcare and making ends meet is what everyday Iowans are concerned about. Let’s help the adults and let the kids be kids.” 

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  1. Edward Fallon says:

    “Dangerous raw milk?“ Really? I don’t see how that fits in this list, especially if one is in favor of individual choice and liberty.


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