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With Ernst It Will Be Government Of The Koch Brothers

by Sam Osborne What did the Bruce Braley and Joni Ernst debate demonstrate? Beyond Ernst insisting it’s fine for her and anyone else’s chickens to come home to roost in destruction of your garden and poop all over you doorstep, … Continue reading

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Check Out The Liberal Vatican Website For Awesome Pope Quotes

For the past three decades WE THE PEOPLE of the United States of America have allowed the nation’s wealth to be increasingly hoarded by a few at the expense of many through the continued operation of the Ronald Reagan administration’s … Continue reading

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The Obstructed View: Gun Proliferation Is The Problem

A few people have such a religious-like fixation on guns as all powerful and inerrant instruments of do-and-undo violence that they would even press them into the hands of a blind person, blame places that for safety are to be … Continue reading

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Florida’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ in Iowa?

To the Editor, Certainly the good people of the 17th Iowa House District on the gentile slopes of western Iowa and their neighbors across the state are too wise to be herded like sheep by Rep. Matt Winschitl of Missouri … Continue reading

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Take Action For Peace On Earth, Good Will To All

by Sam Osborne To The Editor: Peace on Earth and good will to all, by doing: Our nation doing a better job of protecting the most innocent does not lessen the self-protective capacity of even the most self-centered who only … Continue reading

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A Nation Of Hope And Not Hostage

by Sam Osborne To the editor, After two years of trying to put the good work of the nation on hold for no other purpose than to destroy the presidency of the United States of America, haven’t members of a … Continue reading

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Friday Food Talk: Pink Slime For Holy Cow Week

To the editor, This is all too much and I think that our gourmet governor of Iowa has displayed such a capacity for delivering delightfully embellished oneliners about pink slime that he should henceforth be known as Terrance O’Branstad, and … Continue reading

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Is GOP Newspeak Destroying Our Democracy?

SOME ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS, THUS SAY THE PIGS “GOP subservient oinking cannot hide the fact that the amassment of more-and-more by fewer-and-fewer has destroyed jobs and increased unemployment.“ by Sam Osborne It is time for We The People … Continue reading

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Liquidating The American Dream

Liquidating the American Dream The Obstructed View:  Random Thoughts From An Idle Mind by Sam OsborneRe: Representative Wenthe Statehouse News 3-11-11Dear Rep. Wenthe,I will certainly support you in your effort to maintain what has become rusting and rotting infrastructure; however … Continue reading

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Mr. President, Where Are We Going?

Mr. President, Where Are We Going? The Obstructed View:  Random Thoughts From An Idle Mind by Sam OsborneNelson D. Schwartz, in Sunday's New York Times, wrote that job losses pose a threat to worldwide stability, and we in the United … Continue reading

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