With Ernst It Will Be Government Of The Koch Brothers

Sam Osborne

Sam Osborne

by Sam Osborne

What did the Bruce Braley and Joni Ernst debate demonstrate?

Beyond Ernst insisting it’s fine for her and anyone else’s chickens to come home to roost in destruction of your garden and poop all over you doorstep, it is the fox in the chicken house of the life of the American people that comes with Ernst sneaking into the halls of Congress in the pay of government of the Koch brothers, by the Koch brothers and for the Koch brothers.

The Kochs are the boys footing the big bills for those character assassination ads on TV that deflect disgrace from an entire Republican controlled House and do-nothing-congress to no-show-for-veterans Veteran Affairs Committee, and in place attempt to pour twisted distortion and feted innuendo on the person who stands alone in keeping the Koch brothers from putting puppet-predator Ernst into Iowa’s seat in the Senate in service to government of the Kochs, by the Kochs and for the Kochs at the further expense of you and me and friends and family.

Koch governance via predator-puppet Ernst would be a tragic mistake that leaves you and yours as much on your own as veterans have been by a Republican controlled house committee that met with no productive purpose when it even bothered, did nothing of importance, and left Bruce Braley like the veterans he has been helping to heroically get it done alone.

You can watch the debate here


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