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Contact Your Representatives!

The very most effective action you can take following the liberating experience of standing up to the bully is to now start contacting your national senators and representatives on national issues. But do not forget that the overwhelmingly Republican Iowa … Continue reading

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Thank You For Watching ALEC!

America has a problem with some rich kids called ALEC. ALEC is a corporate headed group that prepares and pushes legislation through America’s state legislatures.  ALEC is terribly unethical. It amounts to the super-rich having a very special and very inside the … Continue reading

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Florida’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ in Iowa?

To the Editor, Certainly the good people of the 17th Iowa House District on the gentile slopes of western Iowa and their neighbors across the state are too wise to be herded like sheep by Rep. Matt Winschitl of Missouri … Continue reading

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There Ought to Be a Better Law

By Donald Kaul The Trayvon Martin verdict shows that with “Stand Your Ground” laws, it’s your word against theirs and they’re dead. I wasn’t too surprised when do-it-yourself vigilante George Zimmerman was found not guilty of murdering Trayvon Martin. The … Continue reading

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“Shoot First” ALEC Bill Comes To Iowa Legislature

ProgressIowa.org Controversial “Stand Your Ground” Proposal Returns to Iowa Rep. Matt Windschitl brings back controversial ALEC proposal one local prosecutor called the ‘license to kill’ statute Des Moines, IA – Yesterday State Representative Matt Windschitl  [Note from BFIA: – whose … Continue reading

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Getting our money’s worth?

Today’s guest post is by Larry Hodgden of Tipton. Larry is a retired Viet Nam era veteran of the USAF. He and his  wife of 40 years, Sharon, have three children and seven grandchildren who keep him very busy. Family, … Continue reading

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