A Nation Of Hope And Not Hostage

by Sam Osborne

To the editor,

After two years of trying to put the good work of the nation on hold for no other purpose than to destroy the presidency of the United States of America, haven’t members of a dwindling Republican Party stumbled across any capacity to grasp the futility and folly of their obstreperousness?

Given the interview comments made on last night’s 9/23/12 60 Minutes by the banner bearer of their defeatism, Mitt Romney, it appears that what is left of them at the bottom of the barrel are just waiting to be hauled off to the trash heap of history and discarded among a forgotten past’s bad ideas and worthless contraptions.

WE THE PEOPLE of this nation have rewarding work to do and in moments of reflection of what has and will be done there will also be a few occasions to look back in tribute and remembrance of the road traveled together with
this president and others who also served in troubled times of great achievement—maybe as far back as a previous one of the nation’s greatest, Abe Lincoln. This equally beleaguered servant of all the people ran for a second term in the White House referencing himself as candidate of the Union Party—well reflecting how our nation has and ever
will move on.

Ours is and will be a nation of hope and not hostage.


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