Republican Senate Leadership Imposes New Press Restrictions For Trump Impeachment Trial

This is getting little attention in the media. Trump and the Republican controlled Senate appear to be in full cover-up mode attempting to quash the free press, one of the pillars of Democracy.

“Reporters are being confined to small cordoned-off sections in areas where unrestricted access was typically standard.

They are being prevented from walking with senators to continue conversations — even when the senator involved is willingly participating.

Reporters also now may not approach senators for interviews in the halls surrounding the Senate chamber.

Taken together, the new rules effectively prevent members of the press from reaching many senators.”

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The Washington Post has this:

Officials have also proposed limiting video coverage of the arrival of the articles of impeachment to a single pool camera with no audio.

A magnetometer in the Senate press gallery will require reporters to trickle into the chamber one at a time. Electronic devices will be banned, leaving reporters to scuttle in and out of the room to send tweets and emails. Reporters will be placed in pens, roping them off and restricting their ability to speak freely with senators as they enter and exit.

And do not expect the normal C-SPAN coverage.

Even sedate C-SPAN is aggrieved, calling on the Senate to allow its television crews to document the trial instead of the government-controlled cameras that — as was the case during Bill Clinton’s trial 21 years ago — will limit what viewers see and hear inside the Senate chamber.  Link

The difference is 21 years ago they limited access because they were talking about sex.  Today we are talking about national security and possible criminality by a dangerously out of control president who came to power with the help of Vladimir Putin. What is the reason for limiting access now?

Ever get the feeling Moscow Mitch, Trump and the GOP have already handed the country over to Putin and they just haven’t told us yet?

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