Smirking Joni: Overturning The American Revolution

6 PM Friday evening – well it looks like Republicans voted to end the republic by putting one man above the law. As I explain below, Joni Ernst was the deciding vote. Republicans Mitt Romney and Susan Collins voted to keep the republic.  Funny how a party that so frequently talks of “freedom” and “liberty” was so quick to put one man above the law and thus putting an end to a 230 year experiment.

Smirking Joni Ernst jumps in on a an early Republican victory dance to remind people that she and her group of henchmen are not only about the business of undermining the constitution, they are also using the impeachment hearing to do all they can to use the publicity garnered by the impeachment hearings to do what Dear Leader is being impeached for: using the power of his office to go after a political rival Joe Biden.

In this tweet you can see that Ernst is fairly ebullient no doubt thinking she is the one putting a fork into Biden because he is done. This is not the purpose of the the impeachment hearing. The real purpose is whether the current president can ignore the dictates of the constitution and use the power of his office to blackmail help from a foreign government for his re-election using tax payer money. 

You would never know that was what was going on. Based on her performance here it seems the purpose for the impeachment hearings were to smear Biden and undermine his challenge to Trump. And based on Ernst’s actions she believes she has been successful. Just watch the results on Monday at the Iowa caucuses.

How she will be able to tell she is successful is beyond me. Polls leading up to the Iowa caucuses have had four different leaders including Biden. No one candidate has a majority according to the polls. So I guess Ernst will be ready to claim the Republicans were able to use the impeachment hearings to stop Biden no matter what the outcome.

At one time a senator such as Joni Ernst would be quickly turned out in Iowa. Iowans at one time were recognized for their ability to cut through the BS and able to quickly recognize when they were being hornswaggled. That is not true anymore. Ernst’s act of working for party and donors before country at one time wouldn’t play here. Now it does play to some portion of Iowans when backed up by splashy TV ads and social media.

I am writing this on Thursday.  What Ernst and her Republican colleagues will be voting on probably Friday night will be an acquittal on impeachment charges. This in effect would be a statement that the checks and balances so carefully crafted in our constitution will no longer stand. When the senate abrogates their power to check the executive, checks and balances are gone. That will mean that one man will be above the law. That will mean that as Richard Nixon once tried to assert “If the president does it, it is legal.” That would include crimes.

For those who have ever read the Declaration of Independence will know that much of that document is taken up listing grievances of the subjects of an all powerful (that is ‘above the law’) King. Republicans should they do the expected will have restored an ‘above the law’ person in a country that went to war to end such a form of government. We called it the American Revolution. Republicans are now extremely close to overturning the core reason that our forebears fought their revolution for.

Ernst and comrades should understand that once one president is above the law and checks and balances are gone, that will be the precedent for all future presidents. Thus a President Biden or Sanders or Warren will preside under those rules. That is without checks and balances in a world where “if the the president does it, it is legal.”

Ernst and comrades should also remember that whatever documents are being hidden by the current president to cover up illegal acts will most likely be able to to be declassified and become public. A future president Elizabeth Warren has promised that will be one of her first acts in office. 

Even if Republicans are able to forestall the release of documents, you can bet the good press will keep hammering to find what illegalities and conspiracies the Trump administration engaged in. My bet is that once Trump no longer is president his ability to demand loyalty will wane quickly, especially if the election is a huge rebuke. There must be a huge contingent of administration officials, aides and maybe even a few senators and representatives that will want to tell their story.

This is America. The truth usually has a way of seeing the light of day no matter what those in power try to cover it up.

One last thing on Ernst. When you are looking for which Republican was THE ONE whose vote made Donald Trump a man above the law you can point your finger at Joni Ernst. Any one of the Republicans that vote for Trump’s acquittal will be the vote that crossed the line for Trump. Thus Ernst’s vote will be the vote that nullifies what Washington, Adams, Jefferson and all the others fought for. That is not something I would be bragging about.

I hope at every stop on her vaunted 99 county tour this year there is someone at every stop to remind her of how her vote ended checks and balances.

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  1. Laural says:

    Iowa is picked to kick of the Caucus because we were considered an honest state, but no thanks to Senator Joni Ernst we’ve lost all credibility. She has proven that she will place her own self interest above the interests of the people she was sent to DC to represent. Just another disgraceful act of cowardice on her part. I will work very hard to replace her. Florida you can have her too.

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