Sunday Economics With Robert Reich

Sometimes I feel I should apologize for posting so much Robert Reich, but his videos just make so damned much sense. They are also usually fairly short and always very understandable. Plus they are true, which can sometimes be an unusual trait on YouTube.

These two videos were not posted together, but as I was posting one I saw the other one that seemed to fit in with the first.

The first video details how Democrats have for the past century had to come in and clean up financial messes left by Republicans presidents. The current president will be leaving a huge mess and some very shaky policies. Reich doesn’t mention the messes left by Hoover and Nixon/Ford. Video is 5 .5 minutes:

Don’t forget that the reason Republicans screw up our economy these days is so they can claim that we, as a country, can no longer afford safety net programs. Some  thing like a million Americans will lose SNAP April 1st. If Trump is reelected he will really mess with Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

The second video is a bit longer – 8.5 minutes. It concerns what will have to be a major part of fixing the economic mess left by yet another radical right wing Republican (Trumpian?) administration, raising taxes on the rich. Reich attacks the myths that we will be hearing 24 X 7 on many of the corporate networks. The last one is a really interesting talking point:

I should at least give a big Thank You to Professor/ Secretary Reich.  

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