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Revisiting the New Deal And Taxes

Many parallels have been drawn between the coming election year and the 1932 election year. In 1932 the country and the world were in dire financial straits with people starving across the globe. While that is not true today we … Continue reading

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Corporate America Invented Christian America

Historian Kevin Kruse explains how Corporate America created what we call “Christian America.” (26 minutes): So many of us want to know how our current alignments got to be the way they are. Some are somewhat easily explainable even if … Continue reading

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“Green New Deal In The Future” With Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Monday is the 49th Earth Day. Let’s make this a day of commitment to your only home. (About 7 minutes) This short video seems to be going viral. If you have seen it, sit back and watch again. This is … Continue reading

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Repairing What Republicans Break May Be Impossible

“Don’t it always seem to go That you don’t know what you’ve got Til it’s gone They pave paradise and put up a parking lot” Joni Mitchell “Big Yellow Taxi” Who knows what people who voted Republican in the last … Continue reading

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