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Argentina And China Make Deal On Soymeal

It seems like every week farmers suffer another kick in the ass as an outgrowth of the current president’s ill advised and poorly conceived trade war with China. This week brought the news that China and Argentina agreed to a … Continue reading

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Farmer Off The Trump Train

You may have seen this video from CNN earlier this week.  CNN’s Kate Bolduan interviews Ohio farmer Christopher Gibbs. Gibbs is having a very hard time understanding the sense of Trump’s tariff policies, as I am sure many farmers are. … Continue reading

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Why Don’t Iowa Farmers Export More to Europe?

During a brief appearance at Northeast Iowa Community College in Peosta on Thursday, President Trump claimed a trade breakthrough with European allies. “We just opened up Europe for you,” he said. Not so fast! On Saturday, European Union Commission President … Continue reading

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Iowa Republicans Thumb Their Noses At Iowans

Three fine examples of Republican leaders in Iowa and what they really think of the average Iowan. First is not an elected official, but WHO radio personality Jan Mickelson whose program is essentially Republican propaganda. Second we have a story … Continue reading

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Tobacco and the Trans Pacific Trade Partnership

At hundreds of convenience stores and retail outlets in Iowa, the drug trade has been and continues to be legal and in full force. Lowly paid wage workers ply a trade in tobacco, a deadly product that continues to be … Continue reading

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Senator Harkin on the Free Trade Agreements

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA) today issued the following statement as the U.S. Senate considers trade agreements with Korea, Columbia and Panama. “I took many aspects of these trade agreements and their impact on my home state of … Continue reading

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Iowa's Trade Mission to China and South Korea

For fifteen minutes on Thursday, the Iowa delegation led by Lieutenant Governor Kim Reynolds, Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey, Iowa Department of Economic Development Director Debi Durham and others spoke and answered reporter questions on a conference call about their … Continue reading

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Iowans See Another Side of CAFTA

Iowans See Another Side of CAFTA by Paul Deaton [Editor's Note: A lot of requests cross the editor's desk at Blog for Iowa, and in this case, the issue presented has not been aired at all in Iowa as far … Continue reading

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Iowa Agriculture, Sustainability and the Commodities Boom

Iowa Agriculture, Sustainability and the Commodities Boom by Paul Deaton If the 84th Iowa General Assembly is anything, it has been a battleground for competing ideologies. To call it Armageddon, the scene of a final battle between good and evil … Continue reading

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Iowa State Capitol News – Weekend Recap

Iowa State Capitol News – Weekend Recap Iowa State Capitol News – Weekend Recap by Paul Deaton[Editors' Note: Following is a weekly recap of stories from Des Moines that came through the Weekend Editor's in-box in the fifth week of … Continue reading

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