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The “People’s Caucus” Will Be Televised

Support the “people’s caucus,” support the Occupy movement, support a progressive agenda, support progressive Democrats,  attend the official Iowa caucus, support the Democratic party and support our President, Barack Obama.  There is no reason why Democrats or progressive activists have … Continue reading

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Occupy Des Moines To Protest GOP Debate

Protest the GOP Debate: The Greatest Scam on Earth OccupyDSM invites you to the ‘Greatest Scam on Earth’! Saturday 5:00pm until 8:00pm CORRECTION: NOT at Drake Diner parking lot; Rally has been changed to:  post office on 2323 forest avenue … Continue reading

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George Lakoff: It’s Time To Occupy Elections

We’re big fans of George Lakoff.  Author of several books including The Political Mind and the now classic,  “Don’t Think Of An Elephant: Know Your Values And Frame The Debate”; a Professor of Cognitive Science and Linguistics at the UC Berkeley;  … Continue reading

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Occupy Iowa Weekend Events

Occupy Grinnell IA Opening Weekend Activities and General Assembly (GA) Saturday, November 12, 2011: – meet at the BEAR athletic building, 1201 10th Ave. at 11:45am – march across campus and through town to Grinnell’s Central Park – quick meeting … Continue reading

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Occupy Wall Street = Love

[by David Van Thournout] After more than ten years of working on front end web development and playing around with html, css, and various other computer languages I had the opportunity to work on a software development project with a … Continue reading

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Occupy Iowa City Walk To The Pentacrest

Occupy Iowa City held an action Saturday (see Saturday’s BFIA post), a march from College Green Park to the ped mall (Black Hawk Mini Park) where there were speeches and a presentation by four corporate pigs defending the 1%.  The … Continue reading

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