Come Take A Stand

let’s take a stand

this is corporate America’s worst nightmare
let’s take a stand
come take my hand
come I’ll take your hand
and we’ll take a stand
all those excluded
all those voiceless
all those overtaxed
all those overburdened
all those stressed out and maxed out
cuz they don’t control their lives
come let’s go for a walk
come let’s get moving
and look
we’ve become a MOVEMENT
in over 600 cities across America
this is a NEW DAY Dear Friend
this aint goin away
this is a horizontal movement
consensus reality
no leaders
no top down military org
no vertical
no trickle down
no one taking orders
no slaves
let’s take a stand
RECLAIM Public Space
Common Sense
where we have all these concerns
in Common
reclaim Public Space
OUR Commons
where WE THE PEOPLE Gather
In Community
in General Assembly
in a Chatauqua of the Ages
for the Seventh Generation
yet to Come
Come take a stand
we will walk out of this nightmare TOGETHER
and walk into OUR Dream
and Walk into the New Land
Our Covenant
Our Rainbow Commons
We are the ones we have always been waiting for
Come take a stand
for a LONG Time
in Encampment
in Community
in Solidarity
Come take a stand
we are the ninety-niners
come take a Stand
we have come
to Reclaim OUR Land

John Shumaker 10/11/11
In the THICK of it

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