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Good Bye Bachmann

The way she lies, is someone doing a fact check on this one? Based on her history, it has about a 10% chance of being true that she is really quitting. Sadly the circumstances that produce a Bachmann have been made … Continue reading

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Republican Winner Before the Caucus?

Observations Going In To A New Year I was not at all surprised when the Republican Party said that they would count their caucus votes behind closed doors due to “concerns about disturbances.” My contention is that Romney is the … Continue reading

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Which Head Puppet Will The Republicans Choose?

What are the Republicans choosing? All the hoo and hah over just who the Republican nominee will be clouds one main point about their anointed one: whomsoever the choice, that person is merely head puppet for the ruling 1%. I … Continue reading

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Odd Observations From Below The Radar

Terry Branstad announced last week that he will push to make Iowa the healthiest state in the country. What’s the plan? Is it universal health care for Iowans? Is it subsidized annual check-ups? Of course not. Looks like the plan … Continue reading

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