Ruse Fails: Occupy Wall Street Wins Another Round

Thanks to Scott Walker, these protestors would not be fooled again, and instead of leaving, called for reinforcements and held their ground.    The movement will live to fight another day to save the country from complete corporate takeover.  And thanks for the free media, Mayor Bloomberg.  More below. 

There’s lots to do this weekend if you want to participate in democracy.   For more Occupy Iowa events, check out Facebook.   You can also volunteer for the Democratic campaigns of Liz Mathis and Christie Vilsack if taking to the streets isn’t your style.  In order to make progress we have to stop going backwards.

Update: State of Iowa has denied extension of permit for des moines occupiers. Those remaining in People’s Park after 10:30 pm tonight will again face arrest. #OccupyIowa #occupydsm

Evening Update:  GA in DSM has democratically decided to move occupation to Stuart park.

Weekend events:

Democrats must keep Iowa Senate District 18 (Marion) out of GOP hands else we become  Wisconsin. Wisconsinites call it  Walkerstan, we don’t want to be Branstan.  The special election is less than a month away.  Help Dems keep the majority in Iowa.  Canvassing this weekend for Liz Mathis – Sign up for a volunteer shift   here:

You can contribute to the Liz Mathis campaign online at or you can mail a check to 1725 MacKenzie Dr. NE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52411

Volunteer to help retire Steve King and send Christie Vilsack to congress:

The ruse to oust OWS from Zuccotti Park for “cleaning” failed and for now, the protestors have a win. Occupiers are warned to stay vigilant for a surprise eviction.

FYI there is now an Occupy Southwest Iowa FB page up!

Saturday at noon, protesters will march from the University of Northern Iowa, down to Overman Park in Cedar Falls, and officially launch Occupy Cedar Valley.

Occupy Iowa – Des Moines: OccupyDSM People’s March on Wells Fargo and International Day of Action Saturday, October 15 at 9:30am

Occupy Quad Cities community meeting at schweibert park on Saturday at 3pm

Occupy QC  has a website: and a facebook page:

Occupy Iowa City:  Join us in the ped mall at 10 AM on Saturday October 15th for National Day of Action Against Banks

Chris Bowers at Daily Kos has a list and map of over 200 U.S. solidarity events and FB pages.


Occupy Ames
Occupy Cedar Rapids
Occupy Cedar Valley
Occupy Des Moines (ongoing events)
Occupy Dubuque
Occupy Iowa
Occupy Iowa City (ongoing events)
Occupy Mason City
Occupy Quad Cities
Occupy Southwest Iowa (new)

If you don’t use Facebook, you can go to Occupy Together at

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