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The Prairie Progressive Kaufmann Watch

  Reprinted with permission from the Spring 2017 issue of The Prairie Progressive, Iowa’s oldest progressive newsletter.   by Prairie Dog Bobby Kaufmann, Iowa House District 73, consistently presents himself as a moderate Republican. “Just the fact that I have … Continue reading

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A View Of Climate Disparity

[by Dr. Maureen McCue] During a recent train ride returning from a family visit in Southern California, I couldn’t help observing the stark differences between the appearance of the unprecedented drought in the southwest, and the intense rain storms here … Continue reading

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Iowa GOP Hypocrisy On Education

[by Paul McAndrew] Governor Branstad and Iowa’s Republican-controlled House of Representatives propose only a 1.25 percent increase ($50 million) in state funding for elementary and secondary schools in Iowa’s 338 public school districts. This meager increase would keep Iowa’s schools … Continue reading

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Does Iowa Need A New Oil Pipeline?

[by Dr. Maureen McCue There are calls to increase our capacity to ship oil by a new pipeline across Iowa. It is asserted a new pipeline will provide needed energy for Iowa’s industries and other energy consumers, it would help … Continue reading

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Why We Must Address Climate Change Today

[by Jennifer Herrington] The year 2012 marked the hottest year on record and it looks as though 2013 is going to result in even higher temperatures. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has announced that a rise in serious … Continue reading

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Iraq War Veteran To Challenge Steve King

[by Tim Nelson] Boone Native Jim Mowrer Enters 4th District Race Boone Native and Democrat Jim Mowrer, has made the decision to run for IA’s 4th Congressional District. Mowrer grew up on a Farm in Boone when his country called … Continue reading

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Why You Should Vote To Re-Elect Congressman Dave Loebsack

[by Rod Sullivan] Loebsack for Congress! I have discussed some other Democratic Party primary races recently – now it is time for the top of the ticket. I am a big backer of incumbent Democratic Congressman Dave Loebsack. Full disclosure … Continue reading

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Decentralized and United we stand, Divided We Fail

[by David Van Thournout] I want to talk to my democrat friends who are in the fight to help Obama win in 2012. One person, even if he’s the president, can’t really change things in America. But I still believe … Continue reading

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Traffic Cameras, Politics, And Civil Liberties

[by Rod Sullivan] [Reprinted with permission from Rod Sullivan’s weekly newsletter, Sullivan’s Salvos.   Sullivan is a thoughtful, outspoken, progressive Democrat who can be counted on to let everyone know exactly where he stands and to not go along with … Continue reading

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Occupy Cedar Rapids Mic Checks Drone Factory

[by David Van Thournout] Should We Militarize Our Domestic Skies? It was a rainy afternoon for the first Occupy Iowa regional General Assembly. Around 100 occupiers gathered from various places across Iowa primarily to attend the action planned by Occupy … Continue reading

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