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John Archer Says 50% Of Americans Believe They Are Entitled To Handout

John Archer: “Some of our weaknesses here in America. You have an entitlement society. You have about 50% of the American population now believes that they are entitled to a government handout. That’s a real weakness.”  – May 2, 2012 … Continue reading

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Loebsack Schools Archer On Medicare, Tax Policy At Candidate Forum

Watch these 1-minute clips from the candidate forum co-sponsored by the Johnson County Task Force on Aging  and the Johnson County League of Women Voters.  It looked to us like Archer relied on disinformation and memorized talking points while Loebsack … Continue reading

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Please Don’t Let John Archer Near Medicare

In this article John Archer says things that really scare me. To open with, he talks about reforming Medicare using the Paul Ryan plan as a start. For those of you who can’t remember, the Paul Ryan plan is the voucher program … Continue reading

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GOP Antes Up $1,000,000 To Target Dave Loebsack

from Loebsack for Congress: Congressional Republicans have made it official – they’re doubling down on winning Iowa’s Second District. They’ve made our District their first official advertising investment in Iowa, with their Congressional Campaign Chair publicly declaring an effort to … Continue reading

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Preserve Social Security–Vote Democratic

When it comes to Social Security, the Democratic Party supports the promise made when President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed The Social Security Act on Aug. 14, 1935. That promise is that people in society would contribute to Social Security to … Continue reading

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