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Some Good News From Next Door

Seems like we are swimming in a veritable ocean of bad news on an almost hourly basis. Therefore a story that shows even a small glimmer of sanity must be spotlighted in hopes that whatever caused it to happen is … Continue reading

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Renegotiating NAFTA Takes A Turn On Republicans

                                                 NAFTA flag image from google.com While it may be too much to hope for this leftover … Continue reading

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ALEC Prepares For 2014

While we are distracted by the latest glitch in the ACA and stories of President Kennedy and who may REALLY be at fault, our “friends” at ALEC are not sleeping. While we enjoy the year end holidays ALEC is preparing … Continue reading

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Thank You For Watching ALEC!

America has a problem with some rich kids called ALEC. ALEC is a corporate headed group that prepares and pushes legislation through America’s state legislatures.  ALEC is terribly unethical. It amounts to the super-rich having a very special and very inside the … Continue reading

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Iowa House Republicans' Anti-Union Bill DOA

The gang of Republicans in the state house kicked off  last week asking for a constitutional amendment to include their political position on Iowa’s status as a right to work state in the Iowa Constitution. Didn’t they hear about the … Continue reading

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ALEC, Michigan And Iowa

Anyone happen to think that “Gee, when the legislature decided to kill the unions in Michigan, they were sure lucky someone had a bill written up and ready to go!” Well it sure was a coincidence for some lucky legislature and … Continue reading

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