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Grassley, Ernst Gently “Urge” Against More Disastrous Tariffs

Dear Leader once more unilaterally announced tariffs as a method to combat something he doesn’t like. This time Dear Leader announced more tariffs against Mexico in a misguided attempt to force Mexico to control our immigration.  Pretty much every one … Continue reading

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Killing The Economy Part 2 Trade And Tariffs

About a month ago – it is almost hard to keep track of time in the current rush of news – Iowa suddenly found itself smack in the middle of a trade war that it had nothing to do with. … Continue reading

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Will Mexico Stop Buying US Corn?

A quiet shot across the unbuilt wall was fired Monday from Mexico City when Senator Armando Rios Piter said he would introduce a bill that would end the purchase of corn from the US. This is in response to some … Continue reading

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