Hubbell Promises To Restore Medicaid. Thank You!

Hubbell Hart

Rita Hart and Fred Hubbell


As many have read we have been navigating the health care system with an elderly relative for the past couple of months. What we have found has been very problematic. You can find my most recent post on this just down the page.

Our health care system grew into a disjointed sprawl over many decades. Obamacare was a good first step in reigning in some of the problems. Unfortunately Republicans wasted little time in taking sledge hammers and ball peen hammers to the program.

One of the sledge hammers here in Iowa was the Branstad / Reynolds administration turning Medicaid administration over to fumbling, bumbling private companies whose focus is profits, not patient outcomes.

This not only affect the direct medicaid patients, but the cutback in payments to doctors and hospitals have forced them to make cuts to their services which has hurt all patients.

So we were very happy to see Candidate Fred Hubbell come out with a forceful statement that he will work from day 1 to bring Medicaid back under state control

That gets at least 6 votes in my family right there. Nearly every family in the state has been affected by the Reynolds / Branstad Medicaid policy and I haven’t read of any that have been affected in a positive way.

So thanks to the Hubbell – Hart team. This is the change real Iowans are looking for

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