Iowa’s Medicaid Is So Screwed Up

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Ending this is one of the most pressing problems for Iowa this session

Iowa’s Medicaid system has been going downhill since the day former Iowa Emperor Branstad declared that private companies would be allowed to start pecking slowly at the body in an effort to kill it. He said this would save it. Much like our policy in Viet Nam destroyed villages in order to save them.

So here we sit some 2+ years later as the Iowa legislature comes back into session. I hear some rumor that Republicans now think it needs to be saved. However based on their last effort I wouldn’t let them anywhere near Medicaid. Unfortunately they are currently in charge of the legislature so nothing gets done without their say-so.

We now have a system that treats its customers horribly. They also treat providers as with little more than disdain, paying bills very late and often not in full. These problems have been chronicled over and over. Yet our Republican governor can’t seem to understand that her and her predecessor’s experiment is simply a failure.

Now comes the story that their system that was supposed to save so much money is not doing that either. One could easily make the observation that any savings are not due to better patient care or efficiencies but due mostly to worse care and a failure to pay bills.

This is only a tip of the iceberg in what will soon become a national health care crisis. Samantha Bee took a glance at women’s health care in the US Wednesday night and had some pointed observations.

Thursday the current administration let it be known that states will be allowed to require work for people on Medicaid. I suspect Iowa will be an early adopter of such a program. Many folks on Medicaid are either elderly or disabled. Those who are able bodied are often already employed but their jobs don’t offer insurance and they cannot afford private insurance on their own. This will be yet one more kick in the teeth for the working poor.


Our health care system is a jumbled up mess. No one in their right mind would ever design such a system on purpose, yet for some reason – mostly having to do with enormous paychecks to CEOs and huge donations to politicians – this monster stays alive. As it lives, Republican politicians are able to tinker with pieces usually as a way to punish groups such as Medicaid recipients.

Even children are not spared from the Republican hammer of health care punishment. It has been something in the neighborhood of 4 months since the Republican leadership let the Children’s health plan expire. Let me repeat that – the CHILDREN’S HEALTH PLAN. Yet there is little move to do anything about it. Unless they can use the children as a hostage chip to get some concession from Democrats.

We continue to hear tales of Veteran’s programs that do not deliver. Since the advent of the current administration, Medicare has been dead in the sights of Republican politicians. If Medicare is turned into a privatized system, there will be a lot of early preventable deaths in this country.

Do I need to remind you that the ACA is on a day by day watch, with a Republican assassin around every corner ready to pounce, declaring your freedom as you die from preventable causes. Or that rural health care continues to get battered by the various systems to the point of itself being on its own deathbed.

And don’t forget that when your neighbor takes ill and can’t get medical care, he or she may more easily pass what ails them on to you. Not to mention that the cost of vaccinations may get a little

In short, the US has a totally balkanized health care system that simple should be scrapped. Instead of having the country divided into their own silos by group warring against each other over health care scraps the Republican politicians throw at us from above it would make much more sense to have one, unified system where a person, any person, could go for treatment when sick or injured.

This is such a simple idea that would no doubt save tons of money you have to wonder why some other country hasn’t come up with a plan that the United States could copy and maybe improve.

National health care is an idea whose time has more than come. The longer it is delayed is another day of disgrace for this country. The longer Iowa continues with it’s insane experiment with privatized Medicaid is another day of disgrace and ridicule for Iowa.

Just to show just how awful the Medicaid system is in Iowa, a Chamber of Commerce, which is hardly a bastion of liberal ideas, in Mount Pleasant has called on the Iowa legislature to repeal the privatization of Medicaid in this state.

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