Government Of The Corporation, By The Corporation, For The Corporation

A Legislator for Every Corp.

A Legislator for Every Corp.

Looks like it is past time for Abe Lincoln to rewrite that little speech he gave at Gettysburg 153 years ago today. The reality now is that the country now more than ever in the hands of the wealthy and the corporation.

The Republican Party has spent tons of time and tons of money developing a strategy that would create an electorate that was so confused and so angry that they would vote for Satan if he were white, male and packaged in such a way as to conceal his true identity.

The money came from the incredibly deep pockets of their extremely wealthy donors. Not only people like Sheldon Adelson and Pete Peterson but most especially from Charles and David Koch. The Kochs have spent decades of time and billions of dollars in money to reshape the political landscape.

On occasion we see an isolated main stream media story when the Kochs do something like put together a group of the filthy rich to spend as much on an upcoming election as one of the major parties. But such stories are mere muffled shouts in the wilderness. They are heard by few and cause little change.

Meanwhile the Kochs put their money to work daily organizing and strategizing ways to tilt the playing field to their favor and what they want when the playing field is thus tilted. Their money pays the salary of people who spend their lives working at right wing think tanks. Their jobs are to create alternate realities and alternate histories and based on that create policies geared to solving issues that are created in their alternate universe.

Koch money is also invested in developing talking points and backing candidates who will parrot those talking points without interruption and without diversion. Most of the talking points dwell on tearing down the reality they disparage while talking glowingly of the glory of their alternate reality.

While the Kochs don’t own media, like minded corporations headed by leaders of the same political bent do own and run the media. So dominating the media with messages developed at right wing think tanks and delivered by mindless but very attractive humans is no problem.

So we now come to this point in the history of America where half of the electorate is angry and will vote for anyone who claims they will change whatever is going on. Despite the economy being recovered from the precipice by the Democratic Party with the Republican Party actively working to cause a depression, voters believed the economy was tanking.

Now Republicans will be running the economy. For the past century when Republicans have run the economy they have run it into the ground. In every instance Democrats have had to come to the rescue. Hoover, Nixon, Reagan, Bush and Bush have be disastrous for our economy. But they were nothing compared to what will happen.

Now corporate interests have control of the media so finding out what is really happening will be hard. Control of the internet through user fees and other techniques will be one of the first priorities. We seldom see media control like this except in dictatorships. Without a press that will actually act as a brake on administration excesses who knows where it will go?

One of the Kochs most successful enterprises, ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) will be meeting in Washington DC in 10 days to set their agenda on slicing up the spoils of their investments in the electoral process.

The payback will be HUGE, HUGE, HUGE! Just for starters, Koch Oil will see much more friendly oil and fossil fuel policies. Look for many of those nettlesome regulations to be rolled back saving billions.

At the state level, Iowa’s state legislature is now in the hands of Republicans who can remake Iowa’s economy into the “corporations run everything” mode that has ruined the economies of neighboring Wisconsin and Kansas. The Kansas miracle where schools were nearly shut down due to lack of funding may soon be coming to Iowa.

With former ALEC chair Linda Upmeyer once more installed as Speaker of the House, Iowa state chair for ALEC Bill Dix leading the state senate and former ALEC founding member Terry Branstad as governor you can bet Iowa was a great investment for the Koch brothers.

With Koch allies Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House and Reince Priebus as chief of staff the Kochs can rest assured that they will have some real influence in Washington.

Iowa is hardly unique among the states. With Republicans controlling a majority of state legislatures and governorships you can bet the Kochs desires will have a major influence in state policies across the country.

The Kochs played the long game. They invested money and time to changing the landscape. Now they own the land and can reshape it as few have been able to since the days of Rockefeller, Vanderbilt and Carnegie. They have done so quietly but persistently. Their payoff is about to be HUGE, HUGE, HUGE!

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  1. Arron says:

    This is great summary of our current situation. It is very accurate. Thanks for taking the time to lay it out so clearly!


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