100 Funders Have Left ALEC

(Ed. note) The following is a fund raising email from the Center for Media and Democracy.

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Over 100 funders of the American Legislative Exchange Council have cut ties since we launched ALECexposed.org in 2011, making our joint efforts one of the most successful corporate campaigns in American history.

Will you help us keep up the fight?

This summer the Center for Media and Democracy exposed that the largest car rental company in the world — Enterprise — was funding ALEC, where special interests sit on task forces and vote as equals with legislators on “model” bills to change people’s rights and advance corporation’s legislative wish lists. Consumer pressure convinced Enterprise to change its mind.

Enterprise was just the latest corporate funder to cut ties with ALEC in recent years due to its extreme lobbying agenda, including anti-worker and anti-environmental bills. Enterprise followed Ford Motor Company and Expedia out the door.

We also broke the story of AARP’s funding of ALEC and gave our readers tools to speak up to the seniors’ group.

You and your friends and neighbors joined tens of thousands of Americans making calls and sending emails successfully demanding that these organizations stop funding ALEC’s extreme agenda.

You spoke out, and your voices made a real difference!

AARP was just the latest nonprofit organization that got the message and cut ties.

This news was covered in the Guardian, the Los Angeles Times, and in other outlets. Your voice is helping protect our democracy.

Will you help us continue to expose ALEC’s corrupt pay-to-play politics in the coming months by supporting our work today?

ALEC claims that when CMD and people speak out about ALEC we are trampling on the “free speech” rights of its corporate backers to secretly bankroll what ALEC calls the largest voluntary group of legislators in the country.

But you know the Bill of Rights was written to protect the sovereign people in our democracy, not kings or corporations.

Unlike ALEC, CMD relies on ordinary people like you to fund our investigations, which help real families with a real stake in the future of our country–not CEOs and their narrow agenda to increase profits at public expense.

Lisa Graves for the ALECexposed Team
at the Center for Media and Democracy

(Ed. Note: As noted here before, Iowa’s legislative leaders, House Speaker Linda Upmeyer and Senate Majority Leader Bill Dix are both deeply embedded in ALEC. Governor Branstad is a founding member of ALEC.

Expect much ALEC written and approved legislation to be introduced and passed in the coming legislature. This legislation will be very profitable for corporations and very bad for small businesses and the public. We will need extra awareness this legislative session, since Democrats will have no way to stop such legislation after the last election).

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