NRA-Russia Scandal Involves Iowa

Ernst is one of Congress’ biggest recipients of NRA $$$ – over $3.1 million. photo/Bloomberg

Check this out from the Iowa Informer

The FBI is investigating whether the National Rifle Association received illegal funds from a Russian oligarch associated with the Kremlin to help Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, according to a summary of a confidential report obtained by the news agency McClatchyDC. Among a slew of other details, the report revealed that NRA board president Pete Brownell, owner of the Montezuma, Iowa-based firearms parts manufacturer Brownells Inc., traveled to Russia with other NRA officials in December 2015 to meet with a Russia pro-gun organization connected to the oligarch, Alexander Torshin.

The FBI’s investigation may be linked to Justice Department Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s grand jury investigation into possible collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign, which has already involved another Iowan, former Morningside College professor and former Trump foreign policy adviser Sam Clovis.

The NRA dumped more money into the 2016 election than any other outside spending group — at least $55 million and, McClatchyDC reported, possibly upwards of $70 million accounting for undisclosed spending including internet ads and field work.

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There’s also this from the Des Moines Register:  Russians Claimed Fraud in Iowa Caucuses, Mueller Indictment Alleges 

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