Mauro Ad Shoots Holes In Ernst Wall Of Hypocrisy

Double standard anyone? Watch this positive local news coverage of Joni’s ad “Shot” from 2014. Watch how Joni sings its praises because it gets her so much attention. It sets the stage for Eddie Mauro’s new ad “Cool Under Fire.”  Joni of course finds his ad disgusting. Republicans are always the most outraged when you hold up the mirror.

Eddie Mauro is a Democrat running to defeat Joni Ernst for U.S. Senate in 2020.  His campaign has released a hard hitting ad, calling out Ernst for glorifying guns and taking $3 million in NRA money while voting against health care coverage for pre-existing conditions and to repeal the ACA.  The Mauro campaign ad embedded parts of one of Joni’s ads from 2014, “Shot.”  I remember it well.

After the Mauro ad hit the airwaves, a visibly rattled Joni went on Fox News and attempted to act appalled but only succeeded in looking hysterically afraid she may not get re-elected.  Fox invited Mauro on to discuss the ad and there is no doubt he won the exchange by speaking in a straightforward and heartfelt manner about what he was thinking of when he made the ad, specifically, what it’s like to be a parent, teacher or school kid these days living with daily fear of getting shot and pointing out Ernst’s dishonesty and hypocrisy on gun violence.  The videos below are Mauro’s ad and an abbreviated version of his appearance on Fox News.  Be sure to watch the entire Fox News segment here.

Joni Ernst has no business complaining about this ad because it is basically her ad. And while she used guns in her ad to thumb her nose at anyone who doesn’t love guns, Mauro’s message was one of putting an end to gun violence.


Here is the Fox News segment showing Ernst trying to defend herself by distorting the facts and attacking Mauro and then Mauro responding.  Mauro did an outstanding job of handling the bungling anchor and impressively refused to shut up like most people do when the Fox guy attempted to talk over him. To view the longer version showing Joni trying to attack Mauro the previous day and Mauro making both of them look like idiots, follow this link to the entire Fox segment. Mauro didn’t just defend his ad, he turned it back on Joni and capitalized on the opportunity to get his message out about what a terrible thing gun violence is and how hypocritical Joni is, and in the process he made them pay for trying this.

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