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Corporate America Invented Christian America

Historian Kevin Kruse explains how Corporate America created what we call “Christian America.” (26 minutes): So many of us want to know how our current alignments got to be the way they are. Some are somewhat easily explainable even if … Continue reading

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Is This The Party Of Eisenhower?

Just What Is Radical Today? The right wing press in this country uses every opportunity to call candidates such as Bernie Sanders “radical.” If you understand the concept of being radical as something or someone who deviates dramatically from a … Continue reading

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A Blast From The Past

This is in contrast to my earlier post on a shortened Republican platform. To give you an idea how much the Republican Party has sped to the right, here is a summary of the 1956 Republican Platform. Plus this will … Continue reading

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Weekly Observations

No Koch The state minister for environment in Baden-Wurtemberg has stated that his state, a highly industrialized part of Germany, will be decarbonized by the mid-century. The minister claims a broad consensus that this must be done by the German … Continue reading

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