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No Koch

The state minister for environment in Baden-Wurtemberg has stated that his state, a highly industrialized part of Germany, will be decarbonized by the mid-century. The minister claims a broad consensus that this must be done by the German people  and adds: “The costs turn out to be grossly exaggerated and the benefits are understated in our political debate,” Bracken Hendricks said.

There’s another element at play in the United States that the Germans found unusual. That’s the amount of skepticism around climate change and the industrial forces at play to promote scientific doubt:  “We don’t have the situation like you have in the U.S., where you have this Koch brothers,”  Franz Untersteller said, referring to the billionaire heirs of Koch Industries.


It is beginning to look more and more like Willard Romney will be holding off Flavor-of-the-Week for the Republican nomination. Romney has a solid steady 23%. This week’s Flavor-of-the-Week, Herman Cain is expected to drop like a rock like all previous Flavors have.

Since it looks like there will be no other entries, former lead contender, “None of the Above,” has been dropped from the poll.

Actually, the real leader for the Republicans is “Not Mitt Romney” polling at a solid 77%. Even when there is one candidate left, I suspect “Not Mitt” will continue to pull over 50%.

Cutbacks Have Consequences

Sadly, expect more of this: Harrisburg, Pa. is filing for bankruptcy. Bankruptcies and cutbacks in services will be on the rise in the new future for cities and counties around the country. A portion of the blame goes to Republican legislators both national and on the state level who have cut aid to local governments and their taxing abilities. Part of the extension of the Bush tax cuts was the end to the Build America Bonds. This was a little known program that had kept cities functioning in the debt crisis.

Thank you, Mike Gronstal

In Iowa, Republicans pressed hard but ultimately did not pass (thank you Mike Gronstal) a bill on cutting commercial property taxes that had a major cutback of revenue for cities and towns. Look for a HUGE push on this front next year.  See Iowa Policy Project’s analysis here:

Tea Party Sabotage

I have contended among friends that what we have going on in the United States right now is essentially a strike from the monied side of the street. Rather than hire people who would then have money to spend which would drive up demand and create an upward spiral, monied interests have chosen to not hire and thus flatten demand. Just a theory on my part. Now the Tea Party is calling for exactly that – quit hiring in order to make Obama look bad. What a great plan – ruin lives and the country to make one person look bad.

Would it not be easier to come up with good ideas and decent candidates?

Geez, I wish Republicans admired the real Dwight Eisenhower rather than the mythified Ronald Reagan.

Drown It In A Bathtub

Haven’t heard much from Grover Norquist recently. He is the man who rules America with the iron grip of his “No TAX” pledge on Republicans. Any and every Republican that runs for any office must be asked about their absolute adherence to the No Tax concept and why they owe more allegiance to a man like Grover Norquist than they do to the Constitution.

Speaking of Norquist, I personally can’t wait until the Republican Tea Party is so small it can be drowned in a bathtub. Goodness knows their ideas  already are.

Comment on a blog today: Give a man a fish and he can eat today, teach a man to pray for fish and he will starve.

It’s The Republicans, Stupid

Once again Republicans blocked jobs in congress. Once again, they are not being held accountable. We need to make sure that Republicans are being held accountable for their policies that are having an increasingly harmful effect on Americans.

Just That Kind Of Guy

Arthur Delaney at Huffington Post reports that President Obama has written personal checks to help Americans in trouble. My first response was “what a great person.” But after thinking it over I have changed more to a “not surprised.” At a personal level Barack Obama is probably one of the kindest persons in the world. This is frankly what you would expect of him. Truly, truly a great person. A great example for his children and his country.

Thank you, Mr. President

And just now Obama announces that all troops will be withdrawn from Iraq. This is fantastic and almost hard to believe. We wanted Obama to snap his fingers and end the multiple national nightmares visited upon us by Bushco while fighting the most drastically combative congress in history led by Mitch McConnell and John Boehner/Eric Cantor. Yet the Obama administration continues to make progress on solving problems despite Republicans in Congress. Many thanks, Mr. President.

Cantor: See ya!

Eric Cantor skeedaddled from a scheduled speech when he found out real Americans were going to be there, Friday at Wharton School of Business. What was he afraid of? Some ghost of Halloween Present?

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