Why Is Bill Dix Not Resigning?

From the Des Moines Register November 14th, 2016

Sexual harassment by the Republican caucus has been proven in court. He tried to keep the report on the incidents hidden. When the report was opened they revealed little. Many staffers said they were subjected to harassment but were afraid to speak out. Kirsten Anderson, the staffer that did speak out was almost immediately fired.

Following the court case, Dix did not remove one of the worst perpetrators of the harassment, Jim Friedrich, who has since resigned.

Add that to the $2 million that WE as taxpayers have to pay for Dix and his caucus’s harassment and cover up and I am having a hard time understanding why Bill Dix is still in office. Especially considering the toxic atmosphere around sexual harassment that is rising in this country concerning sexual harassment and Dix’s deep involvement in this one.

Also considering that this was done within the halls of government at a time when all members of society, but especially those in elected office, should have been acutely aware of that sexual harassment would not be tolerated. Time to write and call your local state senator and let them know that leaving Bill Dix as Senate leader is no longer acceptable.

You can find your state legislator here. 

I spent plenty of time in work meetings being informed against sexual harassment and signing documents stating that I had been so informed. What Dix did appears to be an egregious violation and he should pay the consequences. As one of the highest leaders in this state, he must be held accountable.

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Heard on NPR yesterday on IPR that Dix was looking for huge slashes in Iowa’s tax system. Dix claimed the Kansas experiment failed because they didn’t cut spending enough and I believe he said Iowans should look for deep cuts.

Deep cuts? I have already heard rumors that the property tax cut backfill will be gone. Losing that money will make will make towns and cities make decisions that may destroy city parks, libraries and cemeteries and probably cripple many other services including police and fire. Schools? Everybody goes private or goes to a vastly inferior public school? Is that Iowa’s future

And this fantasy people like Dix have that businesses will be beating down the door to get here? One of the few draws Iowa used to have was good schools and universities. That is going fast. Ruin the small towns by cutting off their money and the allure of ‘small town Iowa’ dies quickly.

If you can it may be a good time to jump off the Titanic.

Can we look forward to another signing ceremony with our guv and Drew Klein behind closed doors like the union busting bill? Still one of the most obscene photos I have ever viewed.

Image (1) terry-branstad-drew-klein-after-branstad-signs-union-busting-bill-300x169.jpeg for post 36779

Branstad, Drew Klein shake hands after Branstad signs the union busting bill.

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