Working For Food Stamps?

welcome to planet GOPIf Republicans can force people to work for food stamps why can’t we just create jobs for those in poverty? We did that once before and it worked well. There is plenty of work that needs to be done and would greatly benefit society, especially infrastructure. Then they would not need food stamps. OOPS – except for those working at Walmart.

Speaking Of Walmart
How do you like their new commercial to blunt the criticism that their jobs are low paying, dead end jobs. I doubt anyone is fooled – or at least those watching MSNBC where I see that commercial come on.

If Eric Snowden Wanted To Avoid Prosecution
Why doesn’t he hook on with a Wall Street banking company or hedge fund? They has stolen trillions and caused huge damage to the country, but nobody except maybe Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Eliot Spitzer wants to do anything to these folks.

Republicans Two Pronged Strategy
It is looking more and more like Latinos and Latinas have shown that there is power voting for an issue, immigration. This has stunned Republicans who no doubt thought they could pry some votes with their phony “family values” crap. So Republicans have launched an interesting 2 pronged strategy looking to blunt the Latino effect by coming at it from polar opposites.

The first approach is to pretend to be in favor of immigration. This is of course so against what they truly believe that they are having a hard time promoting it with a straight face and without blowback from their own party members. Plus their version of immigration reform will be so hard as to make it impossible.

So they are still pushing what was their original approach. That is to somehow stop Latinos from voting, much as they have done with blacks over the years. We don’t hear much about this anymore, but you can bet it is still in play. Of course it is an out and out racist attempt to deny the vote to legitimate citizens and an insult not only to them but to all citizens. See why they don’t want you to hear much about it?

Ways To Improve The Economy R v D
The split between Republicans and Democrats can be illustrated by their approaches to ways to get the economy moving.

Fix infrastructure which is needs repair such as bridges, sewers, electric grid.

Make education available to all and affordable. Well trained and knowledgable work forces help create inventions and innovations.

Help poor with subsidies and training programs. They buy things that in turn creates jobs because most of what they buy is necessities made in America.

Create environment for decent paying jobs for many not ultra high pay for a few.

Create environment where most money goes to a few at the top who will create jobs by buying expensive toys. This may or may not employ people. If it does pay them lowest wages possible.

Create environment where one or two players in an industry sector dominate. Thus employees will have few opportunities to move up if there is little competition for their services.

Get involved in foreign wars. This secures foreign resources for the wealthy. Pay soldiers little.

Close borders, create jobs by linng borders with low paid guards. Also build fences to keep people from experiencing our freedom.

If I May Ask

Senator Grassley, Rep. King, Rep. Latham,

Why, if you are so anti-immigration do you not introduce a bill giving harsh penalties to those who have knowingly hired undocumented workers for the past 30 years. My guess is there are many in this state. Many of them are probably your contributors.

Also, about that wide open border with Canada………

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