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One of our daughters lives in Mississippi. This is of course one of the states that would rather watch a woman die than to let her have a needed medical procedure if it was called for. It scares the hell out of her, and it scares the hell out of her parents. At least we currently do have the outlet that we could get her back to Iowa for health care if we had to. She is lucky in that respect. Most women are stuck dealing with the health care where they live. It is hard to believe that in modern day America we have to deal with 3rd world political decisions.

If I were a woman, married to a woman, had a sister, had a mother or had a daughter I would never vote for any politician who would deny any woman health care in America that is deemed necessary between a woman and her doctor. It is the 21st century, folks. Women should be able to get safe legal medical procedures in all of the United States and its territories. To deny that is to deny women their rights as human beings.

“Obamacare” Will Succeed.
As I have said before, the greatest fear the Republican Party has now and has had for decades is that Democrats would pass some sort of national health care. Their fear is that it will work. If it works, much like Social Security and Medicare, it will create at least a generation of voters who will thankfully vote Democratic. And they will vote Democratic also because they will know that national health care will need to be amended to work at its best and they know Republicans will NEVER, NEVER do anything to help such a system.

Let me say that “Obamacare” will succeed simply by comparison to the laughable system Republican policies have backed us into over the past 3 decades. Simply the fact that some 50,000,000 Americans will actually be able to see a doctor will mean the world to them. Then there are the next tier of some 50,000,000 who have insurance but are kept from doctors by prohibitive deductibles and co-pays. The biggest problem we will have will be that the system was built to deny care to a segment of the population, so there will be some overcrowding. Answers will be created to meet these problems and jobs will be created.

Republicans will not just sit back and let the ACA (Obamacare) succeed. No they will do everything they can to undermine the law of the land. Look for major assaults on several fronts trying to stall the January 1st implementation date. Remember these assaults will be carried out by Republican members of Congress who have sworn to uphold the Constitutions and laws of the US.

Walmart Versus Washington, D.C.
Most here know that Walmart got in a tussle with the city of Washington D.C. over the wages that Walmart workers in future stores in DC would be paid. Walmart wants to pay minimum wage and the DC council wants them to pay at least $12.50/hr. There are several aspects to this story. One I have heard very little about is the amount of welfare Walmart get from our government that translates into more money in the pockets of the Walton kids (big winners in the lucky sperm contest).

Because Walmart pays so little and is now moving to using more and more temp workers, many of their workers end up receiving food stamps, medicaid and other government services that you and I pay for. We should be applauding the DC council and hope that other governmental units across the country follow their lead.

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