Parades – Appel For Iowa Wins Messaging

West Des Moines Twitter Feed

BFIA likes Staci Appel, and we follow and support her, hoping she will be the one to break Iowa’s glass ceiling in the U.S. Congress.

The two tweets above appeared as this single screen shot on the author’s twitter home page. They pretty much tell the story of the differences between the third district candidates.

Team Appel is having a great time at the West Des Moines Fourth of July parade. Mr. Young has assembled his troops and prepared marching orders- literally. While “marching” in a parade is common usage, it doesn’t sound like much fun. Resolute. Determined. Lighten up for Pete’s sake. It’s not like people were marching to Bataan.

The number of people in the frames seems about the same, although minutiae ponderers among our readers are certain to provide an exact count. Team Appel is walking with the Polk County Democrats. The other fellow has mustered who he could get, and we don’t see Brad Zaun from nearby Urbandale in the photo preparing for the march.

We’re poking fun at Young’s campaign, but one would think working for twitter-master Grassley all of these years, he would have picked up a few tips on messaging.

The key point about parade photos seen on social media this holiday weekend is that the political component of a parade is minor as the entries chug along. Floats of every kind represent businesses, community organizations, equestrian skills and the like. Politicians tag along for the most part because it’s not about them.

Social media is advertising in which a candidate can choose what to feature and how to say it. By sounding fun at the parade, and getting along with the Polk County Democrats, Staci Appel sets herself apart and wins the social media messaging wars in this moment. Chain together enough moments like this between now and Nov. 4, and it is her advantage in what is expected to be a close race.

Neither social media nor holiday fun win elections. Winning takes votes, and the vast majority of voters don’t participate in or watch parades, let alone attend to meet or pick political candidates. A few connections are made at parades, but mostly, once the children have their fun, or we’ve connected with a certain someone, it’s off to the next holiday event in a busy life.

Another thing. If Team Appel can figure out twitter messaging, she also likely figured out what to say to voters and donors in person or on the telephone to gain their support. We’re hoping that gives her the advantage she needs to win in November.

Get involved in Staci Appel’s campaign for Congress by clicking here to access her website. It looks to be a great time, made even better if she wins.

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