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President Obama Will Push A Progressive Agenda

This is an excerpt from the first of three parts of a year-end NPR interview with President Obama.  

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CRomnibus: A Hint Of Things To Come

Americans have been conditioned by our news cycles and our lifestyles to get worked up about something today only to have it stroked from our memories tomorrow. For all but a few, stitching today’s thread of news into the fabric … Continue reading

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America, You Know Not What You Have

I could not agree more with this Canadian’s observation of  how America has treated our President.  In my view, it is not just the conservative right (although they have taken disrespect to new lows), but I feel that some on … Continue reading

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Impeachment History Lesson

People who seek to impeach President Obama should understand he will serve his whole term. The wingnuts among us believe if something can be thought, it can be said, and if it can be said, it can become law, so … Continue reading

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Obama Meets Obama Impersonator

This is pretty awesome.

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The Pope And The President

Both Pope Francis and President Obama assumed their globally powerful positions with high popular approval.  Now we learn that the two leaders will meet at the Vatican in late March as part of the President’s European trip. The pope has … Continue reading

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Obama Popularity Improves Along With Successes Of Obamacare (The Affordable Care Act) December 31, 2013 — Ron Chusid The National Journal led with Barack Obama in their list of biggest political losers of the year, comparing his trajectory to that of George W. Bush. We have a very small sample of … Continue reading

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How The “Enlightened” Left Have Failed This Nation’s First Black President

I usually disagree with the “both sides do it equally” framework as far as the behavior of the left and right or of the two political parties. But on this topic, at least as far as the media punditry are … Continue reading

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While We Enjoy The Holidays America’s Monied Class Is Stealing Us Blind

While we enjoy the holidays, have friends in and eat good food and drink good drink, America’s right wing and monied classes have been either stealing us blind or setting up the mechanisms to steal us blind. Merry Christmas. First … Continue reading

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Full Transcript Of President Obama’s September 10 Speech On Syria

It is always worth the time to go directly to the President’s actual words rather than rely on the media’s interpretation of what was said. My fellow Americans, tonight I want to talk to you about Syria, why it … Continue reading

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