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Almost 80% Of US Workers Live From Paycheck To Paycheck. Here’s Why

Robert Reich is one of the best analyzers and commentators on current American affairs. As the former Secretary of Labor, when Reich speaks on labor everyone should listen. In last Sunday’s Guardian newspaper online Reich analyzes the plight of the American … Continue reading

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“Show Me the Money,” Wage Stagnation Among Workers in the United States

by Ralph Scharnau The stock market breaks records, banks have nicely recovered from the Great Recession, unemployment hovers at historic lows, and the economy hums along. This idyllic picture masks the struggles of ordinary workers. They face a variety of … Continue reading

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Top 10 Iowa Legislative Threats from the Extreme Right

January 9th, 2017 Posted By: Progress Iowa Iowa’s legislative session convened today, and Republicans have control of the state Senate, House, and the Governor’s office for the first time in 20 years. Governor Branstad and Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds, Speaker … Continue reading

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Democrats Continue To Run On Issues

As Republicans across the country and across Iowa run on fear and hate, Democrats continue to run on actual issues. This is often overlooked by the corporate media. Donald Trump himself has so confused things that he has decided to … Continue reading

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The Union Difference: Fair Wages and Benefits

The continuing debate over our economic inequality focuses on globalization and technology. These are seen as the determinants of our transformed economy and rising inequality. Remedies usually focus on better education and more training. But this explanation largely omits discussion … Continue reading

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Dealing with Low Wages in Iowa

In adding my congratulations to Mike Owen for his promotion as executive director of the Iowa Policy Project, I also suggest readers check out his latest blog post titled, “We promise: We won’t cook burgers.” It is about the spurious … Continue reading

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Advancing Low Wages Earns Steve King Conservative Honor

This is not an Onion story.  Its authors meant it without sarcasm. It appeared on Rep. Steve King’s government website in September shortly after the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) bestowed this ultra-conservative recognition on him, Michelle Bachmann and a host … Continue reading

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Newt, We Hardly Know Ye (Which Is Good For You)

When is water not water? Does anyone remember why for thousands and thousands of years mankind drank alcoholic drinks rather than water? Mostly because drinking water would kill you with all the filth, bacteria and who knows what else in … Continue reading

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